Do you have to hold a dental dam in place?

Do you have to hold a dental dam in place?

In fact, dental dams are anything but. You simply place the dental dam over the vulva or anus before performing oral sex. You don’t need to pull or stretch the latex and you can even have your partner hold it in place. Misconception #3: They are for homosexual women only.2016-02-25

When placing a rubber dam clamp What is important?

When approaching the patient the clamp should be held firmly in the forceps with one hand, and the floss held in the other hand. When seating the clamp onto the tooth adequate visualization is essential.

How do you apply a rubber dam to a tooth?

Rubber dam stretched over the clamp jaws. At this point, the rubber dam should seat below the jaws of the clamp and seal at the tooth’s cervical portion. the dam between each tooth. 6 Inverting the dam: One of the most important reasons for using a dental dam is to isolate the tooth to be restored.2019-11-21

Which tooth do you clamp in rubber dam?

Use a piece of floss to invert the dam into the gingival sulcus to achieve a good seal. If the dam does not stay in place especially on the anterior most tooth either place a clamp on this tooth (hence the two teeth anterior to the working tooth) or place a wedge.

How do dentists do rubber dams?

A rubber dam is a thin sheet of latex that creates a barrier between the working field and the rest of the mouth. We punch holes in it for the teeth to slip through. This has an incredible number of advantages to the dentist, the dental assistant, and most importantly, the patient.

How does dental dam work?

A dental dam is a thin, flexible piece of latex that protects against direct mouth-to-genital or mouth-to-anus contact during oral sex. This reduces your risk for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) while still allowing for clitoral or anal stimulation.

Can plastic wrap be used as dental dam?

Planned Parenthood endorses the use of plastic wrap for oral sex when dental dams aren’t available. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and both recommend plastic wrap for use during rimming.2016-01-04

Which side of the dental dam clamp is placed first?

The winged clamp tends to be put into the hole in the dental dam first (outside of the mouth) and then positioned onto the tooth altogether.2021-05-28

Where should a rubber dam clamp be placed?

Clamp Placement: The gingival retraction teeth should be gently placed into the lingual gingival sulcus to engage the cervical constriction. The buccal wing of the clamp is then rotated across the tooth so that the buccal teeth gently enter the buccal gingival sulcus and engage the cervical constriction.

How to Use a Dental Dam | CDC

Dental dams are latex or polyurethane sheets used between the mouth and vagina or anus during oral sex. Ready-to-use dental dams can be purchased online. Dental Dam Dos and Don’ts DO use a new latex or polyurethane dental dam every time you have oral sex. DO read the package and check the expiration date. DO make sure there are no tears or defects.

Dental Dam: How to Use It and Why You Should – Healthline

A dental dam is a thin, flexible piece of latex that protects against direct mouth-to-genital or mouth-to-anus contact during oral sex. This reduces your risk for sexually transmitted infections

Dental Dam: How It Works, Uses, Safety – Verywell Health

Most dental dams are made of latex. However, there are versions made of polyurethane for people who are allergic to latex. To encourage their use, some manufacturers have created flavored dental dams. Dental dams are most easily available online. They’re sometimes sold in drugstores in the family planning aisle or from public health departments.

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Nic Tone Latex Rubber Dam 6 in x 6 in Heavy Gauge Green 36/Bx 2110036 | MDC Dental/Reko Dental — 144-0033. Please note this item may ship standard ground delivery service. If you need priority delivery on this item, please remove the item from the cart and call 800-472-4346 to speak with a sales representative who can assist in having this

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A rubber dam or dental dam is a thin sheet of latex or latex-free material. It is used to isolate teeth from the rest of the mouth during a dental procedure to improve the success of tooth repairs. This is what it looks like: Dental dams come in lots of different colours, such as green, blue, or purple.

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What are the materials needed for a dental dam placement? 1. Cotton pliers. 2. Cowhorn explorer. 3. Crown and bridge scissors. 4. mouth mirror. 5. rubber dam clamps. 6. rubber dam clamp forceps. 7. rubber dam frame. 8. Rubber dam material. 9. rubber damn punch. 10. plastic filling instrument 11. dental dam lube 12. Dental dam floss 13. dental dam

Crosstex 19200 Dental Dam, Latex, Mint Flavor, Medium Gauge, 5″ x 5″ Size, Green (Pack of 52) 1 $21 99 ($0.42/Each Set) Get it as soon as Wed, Apr 13 FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon Only 14 left in stock – order soon. SANCTUARY DENTAL DAM LATEX 5″X5″ (THIN) GREEN 52 SHEETS (5X5, GREEN) 11 $10 99 ($0.21/Count)

PDF This document contains sexually graphic images and may not

Dental dams are latex or polyurethane sheets used between the mouth and vagina or anus during oral sex. Ready-to-use dental dams can be purchased online. Dental Dam Dos and Don’ts • DO . use a new latex or polyurethane dental dam every time you have oral sex. • DO .

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Zest Anchors Inc. Rubber Dam Material Latex Free. See My Price. MiniDam, 20/Pkg. DMG-America. Rubber Dam Material Latex Free. See My Price. Biodam® Polyisoprene Dental Dam – 6″ x 6″, Latex Free, Violet, 20/Pkg. Four D Rubber Limited.

How to Use a Dental Dam for Oral Sex, According to Experts

“A dental dam is a piece of latex or polyurethane to be placed over the vaginal area or anus,” explains Felice Gersh, M.D. OB/GYN, founder/director of the Integrative Medical Group of Irvine, in

Dental Rubber Dam Systems –

Dentists have many options to choose from when investing in rubber dam systems that include the barriers and the instruments used when placing a dam. These systems include rubber dam forceps, rubber dam frames and of course the rubber dams themselves. What Should I Consider When Selecting Dental Rubber Dam Systems?

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Wedjets Cord is a strip of natural rubber latex that — when stretched between the contacts — will retain the dental dam without using a clamp. Wedjets Cord is available in three sizes and may be used in almost every situation where there is a distal contact. They are more comfortable to the patient, easy to use, and are disposable.

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Dental Rubber Dam Materials Rubber Dam Materials Sort By: Rubber Dam Non-Latex 5×5 Med Teal 15/Bx In stock $39.95 Add to Cart Rubber Dam 6 X 6 Non Latex In stock $39.95 Add to Cart Rubber Dam Clamps (Ivory). Winged, Labial prep, all anteriors, 9 In stock $25.95 Add to Cart Rubber Dam Clamps (Ivory). Wingless Molar, Large partially erupted W14

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Dental rubber dams are used to isolate a tooth or several teeth during dental treatments. Often available in both latex and latex-free compositions, these stretchy sheets of rubber are placed in the mouth with just the required teeth poking through. Rubber dams allow treatment while protecting the patient’s other teeth, gums, cheeks and tongue.

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Dental Dam Frame is used to keep the edges of the dental dam stable and away from the operating field The upper part of the dental dam is put on the open end of the frame Traditional dam material is latex rubber. Non-latex dam material is available for patients and operators with a latex allergy. Rubber dam material comes in 2 sizes 6×6 in squares

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A dental dam or rubber dam is a thin, 6-inch (150 mm) square sheet, usually latex or nitrile, used in dentistry to isolate the operative site (one or more teeth) from the rest of the mouth. Sometimes termed “Kofferdam” (from German ), it was designed in the United States in 1864 by Sanford Christie Barnum.

Dental Dam Instruments – Dental Dam Instrument Guide

Dental dams are a thin sheet of rubber latex or non-latex material designed to isolate teeth for dental procedures. Dental dams come in several sizes, thicknesses, and colors. Several different tools are needed for dental dam placement, including dental dam punches, dental dam templates, dental dam clamps, dental dam clamp forceps, and dental

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A dental dam is a latex or nonlatex sheet with a hole punched in the material to allow placement around the tooth during the endodontic procedure. One of the primary objectives of endodontic treatment is disinfection of the root canal system. Only dental dam isolation minimizes the risk of contamination

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A rubber dam — also known as a dental dam — is a thin square sheet used to isolate the operative site from the rest of the mouth. Dental rubber dams contain a hole in the middle that allows the dentist to isolate the treatment area using a dental clamp around the tooth. Dental dams are usually made of latex, but there are also non-latex

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Dental dams are used as a barrier during oral sex. Oral sex is a sexual act that involves the mouth, lips or tongue and a penis, vagina, anus or genital area. What are dental dams? Dental dams are made of a stretchy material such as latex or polyurethane. They come in different colors and they are usually square shaped.

Dental dam: Effectiveness and how to use one

A dental dam is a barrier between a person’s mouth and another person’s genitals. Many people use them during oral sex. Dental dams consist of a square of thin material, usually latex or Latex-Free HandiDam Rubber Dental Dam (Box of

Latex-Free HandiDam is made of isoprene and meets the FDA “Powder Free” standard, and its low protein content (<50 micrograms) reduces patient irritation. Because it eliminated the need to remove and replace traditional rubber dam during procedures, HandiDam will save you time and increase your efficiency. The standard in dental dam.

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A dental dam is a barrier, so oral sex may feel different than it does without one. But the material is thin enough that you should be able to feel your partner’s touch through it. To increase the

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Hygenic Dental Dam Heavy 5″ x 5″ Light 52/Pack. Item #: 901-10590. Manufacturer: Coltene/Whaledent, Inc. Manufacturer ID: H00525. View All Hygenic Brinker Clamps Premolars and Incisors Tissue Retractors #B-5. Item #: 901-10596. Manufacturer

Rubber Dental Dams: What They Are and Why Dentists Use

9 Advantages of Dental Rubber Dams. 1 – The dentist is better able to visualize the tooth or teeth that he is repairing. By providing a contrasting background, the rubber dam makes the tooth easier to visualize. If the dentist can see better, chances are you’ll get a better filling. 2 – It helps keep the tooth dry .

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Hygenic Flexi Dam Preframed Rubber Dam Latex-Free Purple 20/Box (Coltene – H00750) $118.95. Hygenic Flexi Dam Preframed Rubber Dam Latex-Free Purple 20/Box (Coltene – H00750)The Hygenic Nonlatex FlexiDam has a built-in frame. This flexible frame is designed with a working size of 100 mm x 105 mm to ensure easy placement without getting in the

What Is A Dental Dam? – How To Use A Dental Dam For Oral Sex

A dental dam is a contraceptive made of latex or nitrile (a latex-like material that’s more resistant to punctures), says Lisa M. Valle, D.O., FACOG, an ob-gyn and CEO at Oasis Women’s Sexual

Dental Rubber Dam Systems –

Dental Rubber Dam Systems. Achieving isolation is one of the first steps to any dental procedure. Isolation helps create a dry working field and better access, which is critical to successful outcomes. Dentists rely on rubber dam systems to obtain isolation for a variety of procedures.

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Rubber Dam Materials. Shop Dental City for great prices on rubber dam materials, including clamps, dental dams, forceps, frames and more. Trusted top brands from Kulzer, Coltene, Crosstex and more. Our hassle-free return policy ensures you get the right product, every time, or we fix it.

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Rubber Dam Clamps (Ivory). Winged, Central and incisor, 6. Heraeus manufactures many styles of uniquely designed Ivory Rubber Dam Clamps to meet the most demanding situations. You will find one of these clamps suitable for practically every application. • The tension of each clamp is meticulously hand-set

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Dental ; Rubber Dam Materials; Rubber Dam Materials. View as Grid List. 17 Items . Sort By Set Descending Direction. Show. per page. Quick Shop. Wish List. CROSSTEX DENTAL DAMS Dental Dam, Heavy, Green, 6″ x 6″, Mint, 36 sheets/bx Price $19.72 now Special Price $14.88-+ Add to Cart. Compare

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As low as $21.00. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List. Hygenic Non-Latex Rubber Dam. As low as $29.00. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List. Hygenic Flexi-Dam. As low as $55.00.

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Hygenic Ora-Shield Dental Dam Napkins Fits Frame Sizes 5″ & 6″, 50/Box, H01415

Cómo usar una barrera bucal para tener sexo oral

Cómo hacer una barrera bucal con un condón*. Abra con cuidado la envoltura, retire el condón y desenróllelo. Corte la punta del condón. Corte el borde superior del condón. Corte uno de los lados del condón. Colóquelo de forma plana para que cubra la abertura de la vagina o el ano. *Cerciórese de que el condón es de látex o poliuretano.

OpalDam™ and OpalDam™ Green-Light-Cured Resin Barriers

Limited Warranty. OpalDam light-cured resin barrier is a passively adhesive (sealing) methacrylate-based resin barrier used for isolating tissue adjacent to teeth being whitened. For single-tooth whitening, it may be used to protect adjacent teeth. OpalDam resin barrier is light reflecting to minimize heat and tissue sensitivity during curing.

Non-Latex Dental Dam – Sanctuary Dental Dam

Sanctuary Powder-free Non-latex Purple Dental Dam The Significance of Being Powder-free and Low Protein. Sanctuary’s non-latex dental dam is made from Polyisoprene, a material which very closely resembles rubber. It has a similar polymer structure and physical properties as natural rubber minus the potential allergen of latex protein.

DermaDam™ and DermaDam™ Synthetic-Dental Dams

DermaDam Synthetic Dental Dam. DermaDam Synthetic dental dam is not made with natural rubber latex, but is designed to be as flexible and durable as a natural rubber latex dam. It includes zero sensitizing proteins.

Non-Latex Rubber Dental Dam – Henry Schein Dental

Henry Schein supplies Non-Latex Rubber Dental Dams to customers at the best possible value. At Henry Schein Dental, we have the most complete offering of premium products from leading manufacturers including our own Henry Schein Brand.You can Rely on Us to have the products you need, when you need them — in stock and ready to ship the same day! ! Henry Schein is the largest distributor of

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Rubber Dam Materials. Sort by Grid View List View. Subcategories: Coltene H02768 Hygenic Rubber Dam Clamp Wingless #W2 Upper Incisors Metal Coltene Whaledent H00541 Hygenic Rubber Dental Dams 6″ x 6″ Extra Heavy Dark 36/Bx. 19.99. Coltene Whaledent H00560 Hygenic Dental Dam Frame 6″ Ostby Type Plastic Rubber.

H08560 Rubber Dam – Henry Schein Dental

Restorative & Cosmetic / Rubber Dam Materials / Dental Dam / Non Framed Dam. UNSPSC: 42152503 Additional attributes; Latex Rubber Dam 6 in x 6 in Thin Gauge Green 36/Bx 1013855 | Henry Schein Inc. – H08560 Description: Latex Rubber Dam 6 in x 6 in Thin Gauge Green 36/Box

10 Steps to Rubber Dam Isolation in Restorative Therapy

1 Material selection: Dental dams can be classified into three groups based on thickness: thin, medium or thick.The thicker the dam, the more tissue retraction that can be achieved. For everyday restorative therapy, the medium thickness is ideal, as it offers both good tear resistance and tissue retraction. Latex-Free HandiDam Rubber Dental Dam (Box of

HandiDam rubber dental dam is the original pre-framed rubber dam, favored among key opinion leaders for quality and reliability. Easily isolate a single tooth or groups of teeth for endodontics or other dental treatments.b Its flexible design facilitates access to the oral cavity for suction, x-ray films, or digital x-ray sensors.

Roeko Dental Dam 6″ x 6″ / 15cm x 15cm Latex (36pk

Latex – ROEKO Dental Dam is made of pure natural rubber latex. High elasticity material contracts closely around the tooth for effective isolation. Each pack contains 36 sheets.

Dental Rubber Dam Placement | Dental Blog | Dental Lab

Dental Dam material is available in pre-cut squares of 6×6 and 5×5 inches. The 6×6 is used for posterior applications. The 5×5 squares are for anterior application and primary detention. THICKNESS. The thickness gauge of a dental dam can vary from thin to heavy. Thin is used for endodontic, medium is the most popular for easy placement, and

Insti-Dam, Rubber dam, Zirc, Dental Supplies

Insti-Dam Latex is a single use, pre-assembled dental dam with a built-in flexible frame and a pre-punched hole. Insti-Dam offers a compact design fit outside patients lips for patients comfort. Radiographs may be taken with our removing the Insti-Dam by folding it to the side for convenience.

Chapter 34 Restorative Materials, dental dam, matrix

Report an issue. Q. All of the following are true statements about the dental dam except: answer choices. Dental dams are available in several sizes. Dental dams of various thicknesses are available. Medium and heavy dental dam materials do not tear as easily. Dental dam materials are available in one color only.

Dental Disposable Material Dental Rubber Dam – Buy Rubber

Dental Disposable Material Dental Rubber Dam, find complete details about Dental Disposable Material Dental Rubber Dam, Rubber Dam, Dental Rubber Dam, Dental Disposable Material – OSAKADENT GROUP LIMITED

5 Instrument Used for Rubber Dam Placement

Rubber dam frame. Blunt scissors/’Beebee’ crown scissors/shears. Flat plastic instrument or another choice of blunt instrument (to help orientate rubber dam without puncturing) Dental floss. Gauze or napkins. Lubricant (to aid in stretching the rubber dam material over the rubber dam clamp) Stabilising ligatures.

Crosstex Dental Dams 19402 –

Incredibly soft to the touch. High tensile strength to resist tearing after holes are punched. Low powder to ease of handling and comfort for the patient. Rounded edges for easy removal, eliminates possibility of injuring a patients eye. Unique mint green taste (green dam). Economically priced.

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Temporary Material. Back; To product overview ; Cool Temp® NATURAL; Dental Dam Clamps Treatment Auxiliaries. Dental Rolls & Dispenser; Cotton Pellets & Dispenser; Aspirator Tips; Dental Dam; Dental Dam Kits; Dental Dam Clamps. Winged Clamps; Wingless Clamps; Brinker Clamps

Rubber Dental Dams: What They Are and Why Dentists Use

9 Advantages of Dental Rubber Dams. 1 – The dentist is better able to visualize the tooth or teeth that he is repairing. By providing a contrasting background, the rubber dam makes the tooth easier to visualize. If the dentist can see better, chances are you’ll get a better filling. 2 – It helps keep the tooth dry .

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Rubber Dam Materials. Rubber Dam Materials. Refine by No filters applied Browse by Brand, Dental Dam Stamp – 5″ (127 mm) HYGENIC® Dental Dam Stamp children size. In Stock – $47.95. Add to Cart. Hygenic Nonlatex Dental Dam 15/Bx. Adults, Children Latex free Powder free Similar tear resistance to natural rubber latex

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Uses for dental dams. Dental dams can be used for many different things including: Oral sex on a vagina -. To use a dental dam on a vagina: 1. Read the instructions on the plastic bag it comes in for a refresher course. 2. Pull the dam out of the pack it comes in. 3. Hold it up to the light to make sure it has no holes or tears in it. 4.

Dental Moisture Control: A Dental Assistant’s Guide

The Dental Dam – a thin and stretchy material, made from a latex rubber material or a silicone latex-free material, that can be used to separate teeth for moisture control while the dentist works in the patient’s mouth. The dental dam is to be used as an infection control barrier, to safeguard the mouth from contact with debris, to stop the

MAIGOU 1 Set Dental Teeth Care Dental Rubber Dam Kit

DENTAL RUBBER DAM HOLE PUNCHING MACHINE: Use 9 different sizes of clips to meet your different needs.suitable for professional dentists. HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: Be made of high quality stainless steel, sturdy and durable.Our high-quality instruments provide a high degree of flexibility and precision when performing clinical procedures, and are durable

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Rubber Dam Materials. At Frontier Dental Supply we have a huge assortment of rubber dam materials, accessories, clamps & frames from brand names like Coltene, Hu-Friedy, Kulzer and Young Dental. Shop with us and save money. Isodam Non-Latex Dental Dam – Standard Pack (BUY 3 GET 1 FREE! *Net $23.99*)

Promotion Dental Kerr Optidam Dental Rubber Dam Dentall

Promotion Dental Kerr Optidam Dental Rubber Dam Dentall Dam , Find Complete Details about Promotion Dental Kerr Optidam Dental Rubber Dam Dentall Dam,Kerr Optidam,Dental Rubber Dam,Dental Dam from Dental Consumables Supplier or Manufacturer-Zhengzhou Shengxin Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.

DryDam Dental Dam from Directa AB | Dentalcompare: Top

Dry Dam fits like a face mask with an absorbent lining to give patient comfort and reduced risk of allergic reactions. Company Info. Product Details. Company Info. Product Specs. Item DryDam Dental Dam. Company Directa AB. Price Not Available. Catalog Number 600835 / 600836.

Dental Isolation: Objectives and Applications in Dentistry

Dental floss, used as a safety measure to prevent the clamp from being swallowed or the patient from choking, and is also used to help the dentist to push the dam securely between the teeth. Dental dam Arch or Young’s Arch – a piece of metal or plastic bent into a U-shape, used to stretch the dam and facilitate access to the isolated teeth.

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6 x 6 Heavy Gauge Unscented Blue Latex Dental Dam .22mm, Package of 36. 6 X 6 Heavy Gauge, Green Mint Scented, Latex Rubber Dam .22mm, Box of 36. Template for 5 Dams, single template. Template for 6 Dams, single template. #0 Pre-Molar Winged Metal Rubber Dam Clamp, single clamp.

Rubber Dam – Darby Dental Supply, LLC

Rubber Dam Material Type Latex (68) Non-Latex (15) Scent Fresh Fruit (8) Hygenic Fiesta Dental Dam 6″ x 6″, Medium, Assorted Colors, 36/Box, H04642. Coltene. Login for Price. Add to Cart. Item #: 8441752. Hygenic Fiesta Dental Dam 5″ x 5″, Medium, Assorted Colors, 52/Box, H04641

What is a Rubber Dam? – Infodentis

The rubber dam has two important purposes: It prevents saliva interfering with the dental work (for example, contamination of oral micro-organisms during root canal therapy, or to keep filling materials such as composite dry during placement and curing).. It prevents instruments and materials from being inhaled, swallowed or damaging the mouth.

Dental Dams For Safe Sex | SELF

Dental dams are rectangular or square sheets of material, usually latex, that you can put between one person’s mouth and another person’s privates. Lixx / Global Protection Corp. “They are

Additional materials – CERKAMED Medical Company Poland

Rubber-Dam cord is intended to stabilize dental dam in patient’s oral cavity. Available variants: Dispenser containing 1,2 m of cord in 3 sizes: fine, medium, thick.

Hygenic Latex Dental Dam Safety Data Sheet | Dental Safety

Dental SDS Database. Subscribe to Our Database of Salon, Spa & Tanning Safety Data Sheets. Access all records in our database for your dental office. Bulk SDS downloads. Email notice updates to SDS. $289.99 annually.

1 Roll Latex Elastic Wedge Line Dental Material Dental

This is a roll dental DAM stabilizing cord, selected premium material, wear resistant lightweight and so portable, safe and durable. It is suitable for care your teeth. A nice helper for dentists. 1 x Roll Dental DAM Stabilizing Cord.

Flexi Dam – COLTENE

Flexi Dam. Flexi Dam non latex is made from a high quality material with exceptional characteristics. Flexi Dam non latex is easy to use and ensures optimum moisture control. The highly elastic material contracts closely around the tooth for effective isolation. Violet Flexi Dam prevents confusion with latex dams.

PDF Dam-It, It’s Easy – COLTENE

Dental dam has been in existence for over one hundred years, dental restorative materials are adversely affected by saliva. Because properly placed dental dam promotes a moisture-free, uncontaminated working environment, these materials are permitted the luxury of setting

Disposable Dental Plastic Rubber Dam Frame Holder Barrier

Disposable Dental Plastic Rubber Dam Frame Holder Barrier Bracket Support. Report item. – opens in a new window or tab. Description. Postage and payments. eBay item number: 175263047360. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Last updated on 30 Apr, 2022 17:32:04 AEST View all revisions.

Rubber Dam – Darby Dental Supply, LLC

Rubber Dam Material Type Non-Latex (15) Latex (68) Scent Plain (12) Hygenic Non-Latex Dental Dam 6″ x 6″, Medium, Green, 15/Box, H09105. Coltene. Login for Price. Add to Cart. Item #: 8441835. Hygenic Non-Latex Dental Dam 5″ x 5″, Medium, Green, 15/Box, H09928

Buy Dental Products Online | Online Dental Stores for Dentists is an online dental store for dentists, serving dentists and businesses all over in U.A.E and provides them a place to save time and money and brings down office overhead.

UMG Dental XRay Film D Speed, DS-57 / DS-58 Size 2 or DS

These products may expose you to materials and chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. 3 Boxes Cranberry Smart Dam 6″x6″ Non Latex Spearmint Scented Dental Dam-15/Box. New New New. $66.99. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping.

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Dental dam by Crosstex, non-latex; Zirc Company “Latex Free Insti-Dam” Yes, during the infiltration step the proximal applicator serves as a reservoir for Icon-Infiltrant; if needed, more material can be applied (visual check). For proximal treatments the applicator must remain on the tooth during the application time of the HCl gel and

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