How do I know what weight cue stick to use?

How do I know what weight cue stick to use?

WEIGHT MATTERS Typical weights for pool cues range between 18-21 ounces. Most players begin with a 19 oz. cue stick. Using a lighter weight stick (18-19 oz.) will create more “snap” in your shot; your cue ball will be dynamic and your object ball will go into the pocket at a slower pace.

Do you need a low deflection shaft?

Predator shafts are designed to reduce cue ball deflection and are the lowest deflecting shafts on the market. They greatly increase your chances of making your shot when you use English. Put simply, a low deflection shaft is more accurate and it will help you make progress faster.

Should a break cue be heavy or light?


Which Predator shaft is the best?

The Predator REVO 12.4 and REVO 12.9 are the most accurate predator shafts, providing players with supreme comfort, control and durability. The REVO shaft incorporate more than twenty years of technological evolution and testing.2019-06-12

What cue weight do pros?

19 to 19.5 ounces

What causes deflection in a pool cue?

The ball turn pushes the tip away sideways causing the end mass of the shaft to move. Mass doesn’t like to move, so it pushes back during contact (because for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction). That’s why the CB deflects (squirts) off line.

Do carbon fiber shafts warp?

Unlike their wooden counter parts carbon fiber shafts won’t warp in the heat or cold. They also won’t get dinged up when you’ve gone temporarily insane after a bad shot or had a few to many at the pool hall. Low Maintenance is probably the most convenient benefit of a carbon fiber shaft.

What shaft is on the BK rush?

REVO BK-R carbon fiber shaft

What shafts do pro pool players use?

The most popular tip size shaft for pool players today is 13mm. This was the standard size for many years that was delivered with a new cue either from a mass production factory such as Meucci or a custom cue maker like Mike Lambros.2021-12-02

What is cue size?

Cues are tapered sticks, typically about 57–59 inches (about 1.5 m) long and usually between 16 and 21 ounces (450–600 g), with professionals gravitating toward a 19-ounce (540 g) average. Cues for carom tend toward the shorter range, though cue length is primarily a factor of player height and arm length.

How do I know what weight pool cue to use?

What is the optimal weight for a cue? For your main playing cue, use whatever weight feels most comfortable. 19oz is a common weight and a good starting point.

Is it OK to break with a carbon fiber shaft?

Yes, you can break a carbon fiber pool cue shaft. However, they are much more durable, don’t warp and can withstand dinks and more of a “beating” compared to wooden shafts.

How is the Predator REVO shaft made?

What are the REVO shafts made of? Predator REVO shafts are made of a proprietary carbon fiber composite. This composite is formed using unidirectional aerospace grade carbon fiber tow impregnated with our proprietary resin and filled with R2 molecular multi-density foam.2020-03-30

What weight cue should I get?

Ideally, you should get a cue stick weighing 18.5-21 ounces for American pool and one that weighs 17-19 ounces for English pool.2019-09-19

Can you break with a predator Revo shaft?

Yes, you can break with a REVO 12.9 playing shaft; it’s strong enough, but it is not optimized for breaking. Its construction was developed as a playing shaft. The Predator BK-RUSH features a break optimized REVO BK-R carbon fiber composite break shaft. We do not recommend breaking with REVO 12.4 or 11.8 shafts.2020-03-30

Are carbon fiber shafts low deflection?

A carbon fiber shaft has the least amount of deflection when comparing different materials. There are other low deflection options, such as using a shorter ferrule or a wooden or lightweight ferrule.2019-11-05

What cue stick should the beginners use?

The sticks that are maple tend to be the most durable and simplest to find regarding beginner cues. Durability is key, especially when you’re playing multiple games of eight-ball. A good wrap material makes it easier to grip the cue.2020-10-01

What makes a shaft low-deflection?

A low-deflection (LD) shaft has less “endmass“ than a regular shaft. As a result, it creates less “cue ball deflection” or squirt, so the CB heads closer to the line of aim when hitting off-center to impart sidespin. LD or low-squirt shafts have both advantages and disadvantages for different players.

What is a skinny cue?

Skinny cues are available on most Viking Models as a standard or an upgrade. The “SKINNY” Option on a Viking Cue Butt measures out about 1.205″ thick and compared to the Average Standard Size of 1.295″ thickness.

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