How do you use prophecy and prophesy in a sentence?

How do you use prophecy and prophesy in a sentence?

Example Sentence: The farmers prophesied a bumper harvest. Meaning 2: To predict something on divine inspiration. Example Sentence: There is a prophesy in the books about the coming events.

What does prophetic mean in the Bible?

Definition of prophetic 1 : of, relating to, or characteristic of a prophet or prophecy. 2 : foretelling events : predictive.

How do you use prophesied in a sentence?

I prophesied the storm for the destruction of my people. Thus she had prophesied seven years agone. The prophets prophesied to a heedless people. They prophesied falsely in the name of the gods.

Who is a prophet of God?

Some examples of prophets in the Tanakh include Abraham, Moses, Miriam, Isaiah, Samuel, Ezekiel, Malachi, and Job. In Jewish tradition Daniel is not counted in the list of prophets. A Jewish tradition suggests that there were twice as many prophets as the number which left Egypt, which would make 1,200,000 prophets.

Why do I dream things that come true?

Sometimes, dreams come true or tell of a future event. When you have a dream that plays out in real life, experts say it’s most likely due to: Coincidence. Bad memory.2021-11-05

What does prophetically speaking mean?

  1. Of, belonging to, or characteristic of a prophet or prophecy: prophetic books. 2. Foretelling events as if by divine inspiration: casual words that proved prophetic. pro·phet′i·cal·ly adv.

What is the definition of prophetic writing?

adjective. of or relating to a prophet: prophetic inspiration. of the nature of or containing prophecy: prophetic writings. having the function or powers of a prophet, as a person. predictive; presageful or portentous; ominous: prophetic signs; prophetic warnings.

What is the meaning of prophetic vision?

Meaning of word prophetic vision in English – English Dictionary. vision of the future, vision that predicts future events.

What is the origin of the word prophecy?

Etymology. The English noun “prophecy”, in the sense of “function of a prophet” appeared from about 1225, from Old French profecie (12th century), and from prophetia, Greek propheteia “gift of interpreting the will of God”, from Greek prophetes (see prophet).

What does the Hebrew word for prophet mean?

The Hebrew word for prophet is naviʾ, usually considered to be a loanword from Akkadian nabū, nabāʾum, “to proclaim, mention, call, summon.” Also occurring in Hebrew are ḥoze and roʾe, both meaning “seer,” and neviʾa, “prophetess.”

What is a good sentence for prophecy?

  1. He seemed to have the gift of prophecy. 2. Macbeth believed the witches’ prophecy about his future.2020-07-24

What does prophecy mean in writing?

Definition of prophecy 1 : an inspired utterance of a prophet. 2 : the function or vocation of a prophet specifically : the inspired declaration of divine will and purpose. 3 : a prediction of something to come.

What is it called when your dreams come true?

Dr. Amidi, a Certified Hypnotist and Particle Physicist, explains the reason why some dreams come true. He said that everything occurring in our waking moments are mere images of our lives. Moreover, when you dream, you may even realize the fact that you are dreaming. This is what we call a lucid dream.2021-02-21

What is a prophetic vision?

Your vision of a future situation or society is what you imagine or hope it would be like, if things were very different from the way they are now. [] See full entry.

What is prophetic dreams mean?

A prophetic dream is one that involves images, sounds, or messages hinting at things to come in the future. Although prophetic dreams are mentioned in the biblical Book of Genesis, people of many different spiritual backgrounds believe their dreams can be prophetic in a variety of ways.2019-07-11

What prophet had a vision?

Isaiah’s vision The vision (probably in the Jerusalem Temple) that made him a prophet is described in a first-person narrative. According to this account he “saw” God and was overwhelmed by his contact with the divine glory and holiness.

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