How old is Taylor Cole?

How old is Taylor Cole?

37 years29 April 1984

Who played Tony in Family Reunion?

Rome Flynn

How old is Chaka in family reunion?

12-year old

Who is Royale in family reunion?

Tyler Cole

How old is royal from Family Reunion?

Her Majesty, 95, who celebrates her 70th year on the throne this year, was forced to cancel some official engagements last week after she tested positive for Covid just days after Prince Charles came down with the virus.Mar 1, 2022

Did Mazzi change in Family Reunion?

Cameron J. Wright plays Mazzi in Family Reunion. The actor wasn’t in much prior to landing the role in the Netflix series, but you might have seen (or heard) him before. In 2017, Cameron voiced a character in the Disney Channel animated series Sofia the First.Sep 1, 2021

Is Jade older than Shaka?

She is the first born and oldest Daughter of Cocoa McKellan and Moz McKellan, oldest sister of Shaka McKellan, Mazzi McKellan, Ami McKellan and baby to be born.

How old is Tyler Cole?

23 yearsJuly 7, 1998

What happened to Jade and Royale in Family Reunion?

Jade then followed after him, and got a waiter to leave the parents a note saying she ran away to Atlanta. Jade then left the city with Royale to Atlanta, and was mentioned in part 3 that she somehow got caught and was taken back home and grounded for a few months.

Is the live version of Meet Me at our spot on Spotify?

The live version of WILLOW and Tyler Cole’s ‘Meet Me At Our Spot’ has arrived on streaming services.

How old is jade in family reunion?

Who is Talia Jackson? The actress who plays Jade in 17-year-old Talia Jackson, who turns 18 in late August 2019.14-Apr-2020

How old is Amy in family reunion?

She is only 18 years old and a hard-working actress and the star of Netflix’s “Family Reunion.” Her voice is mature and her outlook on the industry and life is equally mature.

Who plays Mason in Family Reunion?

Cree Hardrict

Who is Jade’s boyfriend in Family Reunion?

What will happen with Jade and Royale? After a fallout with her parents, Jade ran off to be with her opinionated love interest Royale (Tyler Cole), who was heading out to Atlanta.

Who plays Tony’s boyfriend in Family Reunion?

Family Reunion royale cast

Who produced the anxiety album?

Track listing. All tracks are written by and produced by Tyler Cole and Willow Smith..

How old are the characters in family reunion?

Rounding out the cast as the McKellan children are Jackson as 14-year old Jade, Russell-Bailey as 12-year old Shaka, Wright as 10-year old Mazzi, and James as 8-year old Ami. Season 1 of the show was executive produced by DeLoatch and directed by Eric Dean Seaton.

How old is Mazzi in Family Reunion season 4?

How old is Mazzi and the actor who plays him? In Family Reunion Part 1, Mazzi is supposed to be 10 years old. Now, he’s likely closer to around 13. And in real life, Cameron turned 16 in 2021.Sep 1, 2021

How old is the actor that plays Mazzi in Family Reunion?

Cameron J. According to IMDb, the 15-year-old American actor first appeared as Crystal in an episode of Sofia the First back in 2017.Apr 6, 2021

Who did Tyler Cole play in Family Reunion?


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