What year was this beautiful fantastic set in?

What year was this beautiful fantastic set in?


Where is this beautiful fantastic set?

Principal photography on the film began in London in July 2015.

Where was this beautiful fantastic filmed?


Is this beautiful fantastic based on a book?

Writer/director Simon Aboud’s second feature, This Beautiful Fantastic, is the whimsical story of Bella Brown (Jessica Brown Findlay, formerly Lady Sybil in Downton Abbey), who “grew into the oddest of odd balls, just her, and her books,” the wry voiceover tells us, as the movie opens.2017-03-10

Where is the library in this beautiful fantastic?

The film’s producer, Christine Alderson, said: “We chose Stoke Newington Library because it’s such a beautiful building and it felt in keeping with the character of [Jessica’s character] Bella.2015-08-18

Is this beautiful fantastic a real book?

This Beautiful Fantastic is a contemporary fairy tale revolving around the most unlikely of friendships between a reclusive, agoraphobic young woman with dreams of being a children’s book author and a curmudgeonly old widower, set against the backdrop of a beautiful garden in the heart of London.2018-02-07

Is Tom Wilkinson in Downton Abbey?

The two-time Oscar nominee will play Peregrine, Earl of Brockenhurst in the six-episode period drama written by Julian Fellowes for ITV and Epix.2019-05-25

Who wrote this beautiful fantastic?

Simon Aboud

Where can I see This Beautiful Fantastic?

You are able to stream This Beautiful Fantastic by renting or purchasing on Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, iTunes, and Google Play. You are able to stream This Beautiful Fantastic for free on Plex or Tubi.

How long is beautiful fantastic?

1 val. 32 min.

How does this beautiful fantastic end?

They go out to a concert in the park and kiss! Then Alfie dies. He leaves his house to Vernon, and Bella’s flat to her it turns out he was the owner all along. The movie finishes with Bella reading her first published book to children; it’s called This Beautiful Fantastic.2018-03-04

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