Why was Nick Saban at LSU in The Blind Side?

Why was Nick Saban at LSU in The Blind Side?

Alabama coach Nick Saban had a small part in the popular movie “The Blind Side,” which chronicled the life of former Ole Miss OL Michael Oher. However, shooting his scene proved to be a bit awkward, as he was actually the coach of LSU back when Oher was being recruited.

Why is Nick Saban the LSU coach in The Blind Side?

“It was not considered acting. They gave me a script, the director gave me a script. I didn’t want to be in the movie because I was the coach here (Alabama), and I was the coach at LSU in the movie so I thought the fans here would all get mad at me if I was the LSU coach in a movie.2017-09-08

Are the college coaches in The Blind Side the real coaches?

Many real college football coaches played themselves in this film: Phillip Fulmer (was Tennessee head coach, then the athletic director at UT), Lou Holtz (was South Carolina head coach, then a TV sports commentator), Houston Nutt (was Arkansas head coach, subsequently worked for CBS Sports; when he comes to speak with

Who was Michael’s coach in The Blind Side?

Ray McKinnon

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Who were all the coaches in The Blind Side?

Saban was one of six coaches who were in the movie. Phillip Fulmer from Tennessee, Ed Orgeron, then at Ole Miss, Tommy Tuberville from Auburn, Houston Nutt from Arkansas and Lou Holtz from South Carolina all played themselves.2017-09-08

What team was Ed Orgeron in blind side?

s Role in The Blind Side. Orgeron is welcomed in to the Tuohy family home by Leigh Anne. He’s tasked with convincing Oher (Quinton Aaron) and the Tuohys’ young son, Sean Jr., to come play for the Ole Miss Rebels football team after becoming a top recruit at Briarcrest Christian School.2020-06-11

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Who was the Florida coach in The Blind Side?

Hugh Freeze, Michael Oher’s high school football coach, makes a cameo appearance as an Arkansas assistant watching film behind Houston Nutt.

Who was the Clemson coach in The Blind Side?

Joe Chrest

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What team was Nick Saban in blind side?

Alabama coach Nick Saban had a small part in the popular movie “The Blind Side,” which chronicled the life of former Ole Miss OL Michael Oher.

What coach was Nick Saban in The Blind Side?

Coach Nick Saban

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